The Beers I’m Drinking This Summer

I’m no snob (well, maybe a little). I love a good PBR as much as the next fella, but sometimes you just want something with a little more oomph. Some of my favorite beers are full of flavor while still light enough for a hot, Georgia afternoon & let’s face it, we’re in for a lot of those. With that in mind, here are the beers I plan on stocking up on this summer.



Speaking of the old blue ribbon, if you’re looking to punch up your lager game, look no further. I’ll admit that I’m a total fan-girl for Burial’s beers & this pilsner is no exception. Ever so slightly sweet & a bit “biscuity”, light & easy to drink. If you’re not well versed in craft beer, this is a great one to start with. All the cheap domestics came from somewhere, why not try out some of their more sophisticated relatives?

5.5% abv german pilsner


Anderson Valley’s website lists food pairings for each of their brews & I love it. The listing for Summer Solstice includes sweet potato fries, barbecue chicken, & s’mores, which sounds like one hell of a backyard party. That’s exactly what this seasonal ale is to me; light bodied, spiced, & carmely without being too sweet. Keep a few six packs ready to go for all your grill outs & those late-season summer bonfires.

5% abv spiced ale


Who doesn’t love a beer for breakfast? Southern Prohibition describes this brew as a breakfast IPA, due to its moderately low alcohol content & the addition of oats that help soften the hop forward profile. I love hops, but sometimes you want to ease your way into the bitter. The combination of dry hops & oatmeal make this a delightfully sessionable IPA that doesn’t lose any of its backbone. This is the first beer I’ve tried from the newly available Southern Prohibition (out of Mississippi) & it definitely won’t be the last.

4.9% abv american ipa



Honestly, it’s been a year since I had this delicious gose. It’s one of Creature Comforts’ limited run, seasonal offerings (it usually comes out in May) & was previously only available on draft. This will be the first season it’s available in cans & I highly recommend you get your hands on some, it will definitely go fast. Creature Comforts definitely has a lot of hype, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing. This iteration of Tritonia will have lime & cucumber as well as the traditional sea salt & coriander. I’ll be sure to savor every bit that I can get!

4.5% abv sour/gose


This effortlessly delicious sour beer was an instant favorite as soon as I tried it. If you like sours as much as me (why wouldn’t you?!) you’re probably excited about the return of Mikkeller to the Georgia market. I have yet to be disappointed by any of their offerings & while they are a bit pricey, they’re usually worth the splurge. This particular beer comes in three flavors; apricot, raspberry & passion fruit, which is my favorite. It’s light & tart with a hint of sweet fruit & I love that they come in playfully designed 16 oz cans.

3.7% abv sour/berliner weisse

I hope you enjoy these & feel free to share what beers you’re crushin’ on this summer. Cheers!


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