Round Up

Hello friends! I just wanted to leave y’all with a few recommendations & musings before I skip town on Friday (Vegas here I come!). It’s been another great week for booze & if you’re an Atlanta friend there’s plenty to share. So, go have a drink!




I was quick enough to grab a box of Sierra Nevada’s 2017 Beer Camp & oo-eee it looks good. If you’re not familiar with the series, annually Sierra Nevada brewery collaborates with several different breweries to create one of a kind, one-off collaborations. This year’s camp is split between 6 international breweries & 6 American ones. As soon as I saw that they were collaborating with Mikkeller, Fuller, & Bruery among others, I was on board. Obviously 12 beers is a lot to get through in one go, but as soon as I’ve tackled it I’ll be quick to share my thoughts!

beer camp

Sometimes (okay lots of times) being in the industry comes with great perks. This week I was lucky enough to attend a private event at Orpheus Brewing, celebrating their customers & their 3 year anniversary. All the beers I sampled in the brewery were delicious, though 2 of their new offerings were definitely my favorites. The Raving Ones, a 10% tripel made with native yeast & aged in bourbon barrels, was fantastic. It was smooth & citrusy, reminding me of orange peels & korean pear. I was surprised to find out it was a tripel, as Belgian styles usually aren’t my favorites. Fingers crossed we’ll get this one at work because I’m crushing hard. I also tried Like a White Curtain Blowing in the Draft From a Half-Opened Window Beside a Chair on Which Nobody Sits, a blended wild ale aged a year in wine barrels. Despite the ridiculous name (I love the mythological theme, but come on guys), this sour was lovely: tart, bright, with citrus & summer fruits. I highly recommend you try these, & Orpheus in general, as soon as you can find them. Look at this beautiful glass swag!



The Porter always has a fantastic line-up on tap & this week was no exception. I stopped in after work last night hearing they had Little Sal from Allagash. LIttle Sal is one of my favorite sours. Made with Maine blueberries & aged in wine barrels it’s a dark blueish-purple, has a thick berry skin-like texture & a wonderfully tannin-y pucker. It reminds me of blueberries just before they’re ripe. I also tried the 8 Wired Wireless Black IPA from New Zealand. I’m a fan of a good black IPA & this 100% brett offering is exceptional. It’s smooth, the malts are subtly chocolatey & roasted, the hops are delicate but present, & there’s just a hint of brett funk. I’ll definitely be enjoying this one again.

8 wired wireless


This week has been pretty gloomy weather wise, so today I decided to make myself a little pick me up. I call it the Gardener’s Tonic. The mint I planted a few weeks ago is starting to get bushy so I thought I’d take it for a spin. Right now I have a bottle of St. George Dry Rye Gin, which I think goes really nicely with a bit of lemon & black pepper, so here ya go:


2 oz St. George Dry Rye Gin

½ oz 18.21 Tonic Syrup

2 thin slices of cucumber

3-5 hearty mint leaves

Quarter lemon wedge, juiced

Pinch of black pepper

gardener's parts

In a mixing glass: muddle together the tonic syrup, lemon juice, cucumber, 3-4 mint leaves, & black pepper. You want to express & combine each flavor. Add in your gin & a handful of ice cubes. Stir all together with a bar spoon until the ice begins to melt a bit. Place a large cube (if you don’t have big cubes, a few regular will do) in your favorite rocks glass & strain your concoction into the glass. Garnish with the remainder of your mint & enjoy!


gardener's tonic

I’ll be sure to let you know if I find any good drinking in Las Vegas *wink*, til then I hope y’all have a great long Memorial Day weekend!

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