Surprise Highlight


Okay, real talk. I am not a fan of Second Self. I want to be, really I do, but I keep being disappointed. Admittedly their most popular brew, Thai Wheat, just isn’t my style, but it’s not the only one that has left me wanting more. That is, until now. Their newest offering MiG (Margarita in Gose) is delightful! A variant on Maverick and Gose, their traditional gose style, this version adds lime juice, orange peels, & amps up the salt. The lime & orange play together really well, very reminiscent of a classic margarita. Guys, it’s really great. It’s light, refreshing, perfectly tart, & makes me want to get drunk by a pool. I genuinely hope I can get my hands on this special run more than once this summer. The guys over at Second Self are really good dudes & I’m so happy to enjoy this new brew. I think you’ll love it too!

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