Beer Camp Review, Across the Seas


Okay, so we’ve sampled the “state-side” beers from the camp, now let’s dive into the beers from “across the seas”! This crew definitely had more highlights for me, but I’ll start off with the ones I didn’t love. German giant, Ayinger offers up a Dunkle Weisse (dark wheat beer) with extra malts. It’s a bit richer, more carmely, than the style typically, but otherwise it is what it is. I wish they’d been a little more adventurous. Then again, it’s incredibly rare that I enjoy a wheat beer anyway. Fuller’s Atlantic-Style Vintage Ale is interesting, but not for me. This one’s a darker, English style Ale with American style hopping & plums added in to complement the fruity strain of yeast. New Zealand’s Garage Project went full theme with their Campout Porter. It’s dry, roasty, & has a hint of vanilla. However, I didn’t really pick up on the honey & “toasted marshmallow” notes they were going for.


Kiuchi’s White IPA with Yuzu is delightful.  They started with the flavor profile & witbier yeast of the Hitachino Nest White Ale & added in more hops & yuzu fruit. What came out is a delicately hoppy, refreshing IPA with bright citrus notes (almost like lime) that’s soft & easy to drink. Duvel managed to be a bit adventurous in the way I hoped Ayinger would be. They added dry-hops & lemon peel to their classic ale, creating the Hoppy Belgian Style Golden. I’m usually not a fan of the funky-sweet flavor of Belgian yeasts, but this golden won me over. The hops & lemon peel really balance out that sweetness, making this one an easy drinker with some depth. Last, but obviously not least, Mikkeller’s Thai-Style Iced Tea Ale. It’s no surprise this one was my favorite of the whole box, I’m a complete Mikkeller fanboy. This ale is smooth & a bit creamy thanks to the lactose, while the black tea keeps it balanced & a bit dry. The spice notes from orange peel, star anise, & tamarind are present, but subtle. I would drink this beer all summer if I could. I really hope to find it on tap somewhere.

So that’s that. I hope you get a chance to try some of these. It was definitely a fun little adventure. If you do, I’d love to know what you think!

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