Beer Camp Review, State-Side

Hello again, finally! Last week was kind of a bust blog wise due to a bout of stomach flu. But I made it through! And while I might have technically missed #negroniweek, I still have a refreshing white negroni recipe to share with you. First things first though: Beer Camp.

beer nerd


For those who don’t know, Beer Camp is Sierra Nevada’s annual mass collaboration. Each year they pair up with twelve different breweries to make twelve one-off, one-of-a-kind brews. This year Sierra Nevada split the camp between six international breweries & six American breweries. As promised, I tackled this fancy twelve-pack, made many detailed notes, & agonized over the best way to share my findings. So first off, here’s what I think about the 2017 Beer Camp State-Side brews:


Let’s start with my favorite “state-side” brew; Saint Arnold’s Dry-Hopped Berliner-Style Weisse. This is the first offering from the Texas brewery & I loved it. I think that even in the brief history we’ve shared it’s been no secret that I love sours. Berliner Weisse is a style of tart German wheat beer & in this version the extra hops really accentuate the citrus flavor of the tart. It’s bright & crisp from the dry-hop, a bit lemony, & super crushable.

As for the rest of the “state-side” crew, it was kind of up & down. I was pleasantly surprised by Avery’s Dry-Hopped Barleywine-Style Ale. Typically I really hate barelywines, but this dry-hopped version reminded me of a sweeter black ipa. The Treehouse East Meets West IPA fell a little flat, especially next to the West Coast Style DIPA from Boneyard Beer. The former was a bit too bready for me. Surly’s Ginger Lager was interesting. The cayenne adds some extra kick to the ginger heat, which I didn’t expect, but I couldn’t being myself to finish the whole pint. I’m curious to see what this one is like on draft. Finally, the Bruery’s Raspberry Sundae was enjoyable, though a bit much for me. The raspberry & lactose come forward right away, followed quickly by the cocoa & vanilla. It’s not as sweet as I was expecting, but something about it just didn’t sit right. This is another one I’d like to try on draft.

Alrighty! That’s the first six down, I’ll have the other half for you real quick!

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