Summer Smash

Sometimes I get distracted. This week I’ve been distracted by plans; plans for a big cook out & plans for my Dragon*Con costume (more on both of those later). But! that doesn’t mean I forgot y’all. I owe you some recipes! I’ve been playing around a lot with my two infusions. First up, the Summer Smash using blackberry infused Evan Williams.

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I wanted to fashion up something simple & classic to highlight the flavor & complexity of my blackberry bourbon. Enter the whiskey smash, Georgia fruit failure be damned! 


The beau brought home a bag full of peaches from South Carolina & they are perfect. Not to mention my mint plant is exploding. And always looking for balance, I added in the peppery bitters to make sure nothing got too sweet. Basically, I wanted to make summer in a glass & I think I nailed it.



2 oz Blackberry infused Evan Williams Bourbon

¼ oz mint simple syrup

Quartered lime wedge

Quartered peach slice (large)

5 d Jamaica #1 bitters

2 d black pepper bitters

Tonic water

In a shaker tin combine mint simple, lime wedge, & peach slice. Muddle sternly first the lime & then the peach, into the mint simple. Add the bourbon & ice to the shaker & shake all together hard. Fill a highball glass with crushed ice, add the bitters over the ice, & strain in the drink over the crushed ice. Top with a heavy splash of tonic water.

I really love this drink & I hope y’all give it a try! If you look on my instagram stories you’ll also find a recipe for a blackberry old fashioned: simple & delicious.


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