Navy Frog

You may have noticed that tiki drinks are having quite a moment, I certainly have. Usually I try not to get swept up in fads. Sometimes though, I can’t help but go with the current. I’ll admit that I am a sucker for strong, citrusy cocktails & kitsch: ridiculous glasses, themed bars, an excuse for a party – it all sounds good to me. Not to mention I have fond (if fuzzy) associations with the annual Thursday night kick-off of the Dragon*Con weekend at Atlanta’s Trader Vic’s. All that being said, I figured I’d try my hand at the fad of updating classic Tiki cocktails. Thus, the Navy Frog.

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The old school drink was basically just light rum, dark rum, demerara syrup, lime juice, & water. Nothing fancy, definitely pirate-y, does the trick. I’ve seen a few updated versions using honey & various citrus juices & my fig infused gin (with its smooth, sweet, ever so slightly darker flavor) was whispering to mix with rum. So here we go, an updated Navy Grog: strong, refreshing, & begging to get rowdy.



2 oz Fig infused New Amsterdam Gin

1 oz light rum

¾ oz lime juice

¼ oz lemon juice

barspoon of Honey

6 d tiki bitters

Passionfruit La Croix*
In a shaker tin combine honey, lime & lemon juice. Stir together to “melt” honey into the juice. Add fig gin, rum, & ice to tin & shake hard to combine. Fill a “tiki” glass (or rocks glass) with crushed ice, top ice with tiki bitters, & strain drink over crushed ice. Top with a heavy splash of passion-fruit La Croix. *Any soda water will do, but the subtle tartness of the passionfruit really gives this drink an extra kick.

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