Brewery Visit: Arches Brewing

The other day I had the good fortune to check out Arches Brewing. Arches opened up in Hapeville, Georgia near the airport about a year & a half ago. Since then Arches’ brews have been making a splash on local tap lists, most notably their Unseasonal Lager & Queen’s Weisse. The brewery & tasting room are built out of an old auto parts store in the arts district of downtown Hapeville. The tasting room is open, comfortable, & stylish. There’s an art wall with local Atlanta works on one end & on the opposite side is a rustic wooden bar with eight taps. Outside there’s a beer garden where tour guests can enjoy a pint in the shade & some yard games. The brewing facility is small, but growing quickly. The company is getting ready to launch their first canning run & working on their next seasonal releases.


Arches’ follows an old-world, lager style profile & a European brewing calendar which means, considering their brief history, there’s plenty of offerings we haven’t seen yet coming down the line. Jamey, co-founder & brew-master, has been working on his recipes for about a decade so it’s no wonder that the Arches’ line is so solid. I had a chance to chat with him about their beers, the different ways Hapeville is shaking things up, & the new Georgia brewery laws. Basically, there’s a lot of good stuff happening in Atlanta & Arches is no small factor. As for the beers, I wanted to sample something I hadn’t yet tried, I went with the Bohemian Riot, czech style pilsner. It’s bright, crisp, slightly bitter, & super easy to drink: an excellent choice for hot Georgia summers. There are also a few brewery reserves, like the Grand Cru which was a lovely treat. Similar in taste to a belgian dubbel with a deep red fruit flavor, a bit of spice, & balanced out with french oak-aging to create a drier finish. I’m excited to try the next seasonal options as they come out. All around it was a great experience & I can’t wait to visit again (especially since my camera ate half the pictures I took!). You won’t be disappointed by the brews or the hospitality, definitely go for a tour. You can read more about their story & find their tasting hours on their website.


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