Distillery Visit: ASW

Sorry about the hiatus, guys. You know how life goes, busy & distracting, but enough of that! This week I had the pleasure of visiting American Spirit Whiskey. ASW is doing some really great stuff that I, admittedly, slept on. Prior to my visit I’d only tried their flagship silver whiskey (which isn’t quite for me), but I shouldn’t have let that stop me. In the shadow & spirit of moonshiner’s of the past who used the Peachtree corridor to run booze into the city, ASW is making good whiskey, y’all.

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ASW Distillery currently offers five different spirits: the flagship silver whiskey, the Resurgens Rye, Fiddler, an apple brandy called Armour & Oak, and their newest Duality. I sampled each one & while they are all stand up whiskies, the Resurgens Rye & Duality were definitely my favorites.  Resurgens is Atlanta’s first rye whiskey since Prohibition & is made with 100% malted rye. Most distilleries don’t malt their rye so that makes Resurgens extra special. It has a really full, smooth flavor with just the right about of bite & heat. Duality is a 50/50 mix of traditional barley mash & ASW’s malted rye mash. It finishes very smooth with a subtle smokiness & a hint of sweetness. I imagine it’s perfect over a cube, sippin’ on a front porch.



After the tasting we took a tour around the distillery while our welcoming & knowledgeable host gave us a run down on the art of distilling. ASW operates on a (quite beautiful) pot-still system. Apparently there’s some debate over pot-still versus column-still. Many distillers believe that despite their limitations, pot-stills yield a better, more complex flavor. Pot-stilling also allows for more human precision: whiskey masters have more control over each stage of distillation with a pot-still. All of that means a more artfully crafted whiskey. ASW is creating some serious output on a fairly small footprint. After seven years they are about to open a second space on the opposite side of the city (right by me!). Hopefully a second tasting room will be included. Much like the breweries here in Georgia, ASW is eagerly awaiting September 1st, when our new booze laws go into effect & breweries & distilleries alike will have a lot more freedom in the ways they serve the people. Until then, if you’re a whiskey lover you should absolutely go for a tasting & a tour. They have a beautiful space reminiscent of a hip lodge & friendly staff. Check out their website for tour & tasting information.

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