5 Beers To Enjoy This Fall

Don’t you find Fall so inspiring? I know it’s been a minute since my last post, but the changing season has me full of ideas. To start off this best of seasons I want to share some of favorite seasonal beers. These certainly aren’t the only delicious Fall beers out there, just some old favorites & new delights I’ve had lately.


2017-10-04 051233313534..jpg


This is a new one for me. I’ve only had a couple beers from this Alabama brewery, but I think this might be my favorite. I’m also excited to find a fall friendly IPA & this one hits the spot. Hoppy without being bitter, with a smooth spice from the rye, this IPA is sure to please both hop-heads & seasonal drinkers alike.

6.6% abv american ipa


2017-10-04 051902104742..jpg


Oktoberfest beers are a classic; typically sweet & malty, well balanced, & easy to drink all day. This version from North Carolina is a little darker & a bit more crisp than a traditional marzen, which I love about it. Grab a couple six-packs & celebrate Oktoberfest your own way!

6.5% abv marzan


2017-10-04 051658920768..jpg


I love a good sour, no matter the season. Decatur darling, Three Taverns, just started canning this cranberry, lacto-fermented sour ale. With cinnamon, clove, & a lovely tartness this beer is like Thanksgiving in a can.

5% abv sour ale


2017-10-04 051765124243..jpg


This Florida brewery is new to me & I’ll admit I was drawn to this beer because of the can art (kind of like the way I chose wine). However, this crisp & smooth amber ale did not disappoint. It’s a great choice for cooler days when you’re looking for something light & flavorful.

5.4% abv amber/red ale


2017-10-04 05121474122..jpg


Burial Beer Co. is one of my favorite breweries because they just keep cranking out great beers. This delicious porter in collaboration with Jackie O’s brewery is perfect for the changing weather. This spiced Baltic Porter is smooth & rich without being too heavy & highlights the subtle spices of rye malt & Appalachian Spicebush.

7.3% abv baltic porter


I hope you give some of these a try this season & I’d love to know what your favorite Fall brews are!

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